The Little Death of Reality: Alt-Life

Alt-Life is the story of what happens when two horny French people volunteer as beta testers for an all-encompassing VR experience that lets them escape from the polluted, dying Earth. Once you’re inside the VR devices, which look like giant red eggs full of undulating cilia, the system integrates with your body and you live out the rest of your life on the inside.

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Just… Ugh: Irresistible by Gregory, Santacruz and Riesco

Published: February 12, 2013 Publisher: Zenescope Genre(s): Graphic Novel Format: Paperback Length: 148 pages I’m honestly not sure what I was expecting when I requested a copy of Irresistible from NetGalley. Maybe I thought it would handle a clichéd male fantasy in an interesting way. After all, Y: The Last Man spun out a masterpiece … Read more