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Full of Words is run in my spare time, and is something I started up to share my love of books and reading. Because of this, I will generally only be reviewing books I liked enough to finish. I will do my best to finish all review copies that come across my desk, but it will be a rare book that I hate with a passion but still finish reading. Accordingly, most of the reviews on this site will skew towards the positive.

With that in mind, I’ve tried to crib together a ratings system that best reflects the types of reviews I and any contributors on my site will be posting. The grades are as follows:

LOVED IT – This is one of the best books I’ve read recently. I enjoyed every minute of it, and would highly recommend it to even the pickiest of readers. This book will more than likely end up on my best-of list at the end of the year.
REALLY LIKED IT – This is an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It may have a few very minor flaws, but in general it was an exciting read that I would recommend to most readers.
LIKED IT – Although this book was generally enjoyable, it had some major flaws or plot holes that I found troublesome or distracting. This book may be a good light read, but probably does not stand up well under close scrutiny.
DISLIKED IT – The flaws in this book are numerous enough that I had a hard time enjoying it. It may have occasional scenes or moments that I found entertaining, but in general I would not recommend this book to most readers.
HATED IT – I despised this book with a passion. Within a few chapters, I wanted to throw it against the wall, and I probably spent most of my time yelling at the characters or the author while I was reading it. These books will be extremely rare; I don’t generally finish I book I hate this much.
DIDN’T FINISH – I won’t generally write posts about books if I don’t finish reading, but I may write about the occasional unfinished book if I made it far enough into it that I have something to say.

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